Last Hoorah!


Holidays are over and I have to admit that Christmas Eve until now, I have been eating pretty much what ever I want!  No restrictions and I have bee loving it!  Last night was my official end of the holidays.  The Vikings/ Packers game was a cause to celebrate and stuff my face.  My goal was to not eat sugar or wheat all through the holiday season and to transform my tatertot body into a shape that is a bit more multi dimensional.  I stayed strong and did pretty well until Christmas and then all crazy broke loose.  I couldn’t resist all the Christmas cookies, candies and  once again pizza broke me down into a cheating dough eater.My dimensions seem to be the same as the last time I measured myself and my activity level is the same.  I feel like I have great energy and have been working out.  Granted I am still pretty close to a tatertot bod but with a bit more of a waist.  The difference that I feel when I started is that my energy level has increased and I feel better and more like myself.  Of course now that my final sugar and wheat hoorah is over since last nights game, I would like to go back to eating a clean diet but not as extreme. I am hoping I can find a good balance of eating healthy food but also incorporate some treats here and there.  Exercise has become a good habit for me right now so I am not worried about slacking in that department.  I admit that I had ideals of “looking different” after I started eating differently and exercising more, I feel there has been change maybe not as much as I envisioned but I feel good and how I “look “has not become a goal.  If anything, all of this is worth that….Happy New Years! Skol Vikings!

Sk8 or Die


It has been a few years since I put on the old hockey skates.  Oh boy, am I ever paying for it!  Well, first of all, I am stoked that I actually have enough energy now and strengh to even consider skating.  About five years ago, skating was no big deal and easy for me to do until my energy level plummeted and I gained weight quickly.  This is a great sign for me! I feel similar health wise as I did five years ago !  Well, I strapped on my dusty skates and felt the usual shin, arch pain in my feet but I know that resolves after about ten minutes of skating.  I was worried about falling but skating is like riding a bike once you get your legs moving it all comes back and no big deal. I was cruising around like the old days. I felt very liberated! Liberated from my old tired body to a new rejuvenated one or back to my strong body from so many moons ago. It’s amazing how muscles remember and are able to return back to what they once were.  Skating around for about an hour really gave me the muscle burn that I needed and the huge wipe out that I landed  from getting a little to comfortable too fast, quickly reminded me that a face plant onto your chest causing you to slide across the ice will be the first of many in my new choice of winter exercise!  Thank goodness for my double D’s, the extra padding kept me from breaking my ribs!  Sore as hell today but ready for more sk8 on Friday!

Lost and Found


Finally found my cloth tape measure all wadded up in a ball in the junk drawer.  It’s been a while since I wrapped that thing around my waist and I felt it was time to send a search party for it.  Not because I missed it, only because I need to check myself before I wreck myself.  I have been feeling pretty good but a little bit concerned with the little devil on my shoulder talking me into some cheats.  A piece of pizza here and there, buttered pretzel, chocolate covered popcorn and stolen sips of Coke left by unsuspecting family members whom I hoped would not notice.  I guess that isn’t a really big deal except I was slowly allowing myself to lie to myself.  Once again losing my accountability and not fully doing what I want to be, an honest to goodness healthy eater!  My activity has been okay but I definitely have not been pushing myself to the next level. I am signed up for the 5 K in January and the way that I am exercising now, the run may be more of a stroll.  Time to step it up! My measurements are the same since my last measurement day, it’s good that I am not gaining during the Holidays but I am slowly forgetting my initial goal and needed a little reminder ” Vive Le Tater Tot!”

2 Down,3 More To Go!

imageHalloween- check

Thanksgiving- check

Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years then I will have survived the gluttony of the Holiday season! I had some cheats on turkey weekend, pie and some pizza if you can believe it. I was happy to notice that the cheats didn’t push me into a carb bender but I am still wary and plan to stay sugar, wheat free until the next day of temptations, Christmas weekend.  I did break down and weigh my self on my sisters scale which was weigh ( ha, ha) nicer than my mothers scale.  I decided to not disagree and take the number it balanced on for me.  I lost 12 lbs!  This is a first, usually I gain 12 over the Holidays!

Poke and Smoke

Half of you will know what I mean by “poke and smoke” and the other half probably will draw a much more fun conclusion.  Lately, my digestion has been a bit funky and being a licensed acupuncturist ( I wouldn’t do this otherwise) I decided it was time to burn some moxa ( the Chinese herb cigar looking thing ) to warm my needles that I had in my belly to regulate my digestion. My new obsession with bananas to quench my sweet tooth has left me loosey goosey you might say.  If I knew only acupuncturist were reading this blog post, I would go into great detail because Acu’s take the time to have long lengthy convos about a BM.  Bananas are cold by nature and too many can cause a deficiency in your digestion especially if your body is cold by weather and or energetically.  Warming up my abdomen with Moxa and needling helps me strengthen my digestion.  I guess you could say that I am “putting my poop in a group”.  A good sweet treat for me that is warming would be to heat up some frozen cherries, with some ginger.  Time to transition and prepare for ever winter!image

I Feel………

imageI feel…………..

That my fancy pants are loose.

That my free weights are too light I need heavier weights.

That I have a little somethin’, some thin’ going on with my digestion that I need to figure out ( to be continued).

No aches and pains.

Pretty content.

Well rested.

That my walking / jogging time has diminished since the weather has taken a turn.

That my free weights during commercial breaks, lunges and dancing around will have to be enough for now.

That the sip of my sons’ DQ treat tasted like a packet of Splenda and grossed me out.

That I don’t like the taste of refined sugar and well, let’s be honest, I would probably love the taste of a soft,warm, flakey croissant so I stay away!





















No More Weighting

I made the mistake of weighing myself the other day and of course, I was disappointed with the number I ended up with.   The only resolve that I can come to is that it is not about my weight or inches but about my health and how I feel.  When I eat sugar,wheat and not exercise most days, I feel like crap!  When I eat right and I am on the move, I feel spectacular. Now I just feel bad when I measure or weigh myself.  No more dimension days….No more “weighting” for perfect results…..Just livin’ in the now!  For now……….only accepting who I am and how I feel.